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The Middle East region is shaping a new era of global challenges.  And  the  unparalleled  level  of  growth  in all industries brings massive opportunities for local corporations.

As all business sectors move to exploit these significant local and global challenges, an organization’s continuous improvement at both technical and human levels is not only a necessity; it is a must if they are to succeed in the global marketplace.

But how do corporations ensure they are ready to meet the challenges? The solution is to invest in people and processes at an executive level, where it can excel. Talented, aggressive young professionals, with strategic long-term visions and hands-on experience to manage, control, fine-tune and evaluate corporate operations, emerging as dynamic maestros at the heart of the orchestra.

YUP (young urban professionals) works with your executives to improve your corporation in five key business areas, what we call the ‘Five Dimensions’:

  1.     Personnel Training for better skills and superior motivation
  2.     Organizational Development and Support
  3.     Coaching & Corporate Clinics
  4.     Studies & Feasibility
  5.     Executive Profiling and Recruitment
 Our teams look forward to discussing how YUP can begin a fruitful and long-term relationship with your corporation.

Marc E. Asmar
Managing Associate