Mega Training

Our Concept: The Enter-Training

In 2003, YUP introduced the concept of Enter-Training to the market, and has since integrated the latter in the corporate world as well as in the consultancy and training business. YUP has successfully combined the art of Entertainment with the Training and Development Sector by implementing new and unconventional techniques in the methodologies used in enhancing others’ expertise and widening their knowledge.

  • Retail Banking in the Circle of Innovation: UNESCO Palace
  • Doing it with FOCUS: Regency
  • Phoenix Rising from Ashes: UNESCO Palace
  • FOCUS 2: Monroe Hotel
  • The Lion’s Den: UNESCO Palace
  • 21 Closing Techniques: Sagesse University
  • Success: UNESCO Palace
  • The Art of War Applied to Management: Sagesse University
  • Soul Stripping: CASINO Du LIBAN
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