Organizational development and support

Organizational development and support

All our work is undertaken in close conjunction with our partners - this ensures we understand organizational needs and helps transfer our expertise to you, our clients.

We enhance organizational effectiveness by building our client’s internal capabilities. Our goal is to enable Human Resources, Organizational Development, and Training and Development professionals to maintain their organization’s effectiveness.

YUP contributes to organizational effectiveness by providing direct consulting and support to a wide range of corporations.

We transfer to you our extensive experience in:

  • Compensation & Incentive Plans
  • Mission Setting & Strategic Planning
  • Marketing Management
  • IT Consulting & Systems Implementation
  • Crisis Management
  • Continuous Managerial Support
  • Industrial Systems Optimization
  • Management by Project
  • Business Planning
  • Documents Control
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Financial Management & Costing Audit Systems
  • Manufacturing Systems Control
  • Organizational Development
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